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Spiny Oyster Copper Turquoise Earrings


Colors: Gold, Royal Purple, Bright Sea Blue, Vibrant Orange with Swirls of Pink

24K Gold Filled Earring Hook and Wire Work

Lightweight 0.1 oz,

Length/Drop 30mm

Pear Shape

Smooth Finish


Complimentary Velvet Jewelry Storage Bag



Our Promise:

If your One and Four Jewelry needs to be repaired due to a workmanship defect, we will happily repair it for you within 14 days of purchase.


Spiny Oyster Copper Turquoise

SKU: SOCT-ER-1230-62
  • The Beautiful Spiny Oyster Copper Turquoise earrings are beautiful to look at and wear. These earrings are Unique and Vibrant in color. The perfect earring for every color.

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